John S. Pash

Web Developer

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Professional Skills Summary

Web Development (Back-end) (Master): Ruby (Rails), Elixir (Phoenix), PHP

Web Development (Front-end) (Master): HTML (Of course!), CSS (I'm really loving Tailwind), JavaScript/Typescript (Vue, React), Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Server-side admin (Advanced): PostgreSQL, MySQL, Elasticsearch, *nix Admin, Redis

Work Experience

2017-10-01 to Present

Senior Web Developer, CTO at

King & McGaw is a UK-based ecommerce website which sells art prints and posters worldwide. A recent overhaul of platform to a service-oriented architecture will position the company to offer their services to retailers through a standard API while continuing to power avariety of in-house and white-label commercial websites.

Managed small team of developers and onboarded junior devs.

Managed two full redesigns of the flagship website. Met regularly with external design and UX agencies in addition to the tech build.

Helped design & build a service-based system to power a multi-language/multi-currency website.

Helped build a continuous integration workflow to enable new developers to confidently push code on their first day.

2014-03-01 to 2017-10-01

Senior/Lead Web Developer at WorldGallery

A competitor to EasyArt at the time. The companies merged and continued to trade independently.

Successfully employed an SEO strategy that allowed two websites in the same domain maintain top spots in the Google search rankings.

Eventually shuttered the site and fully merged the assets with King & McGaw Publishing.

2001-02-01 to 2014-03-01

Web Developer at EasyArt

Started as an intern and worked my way up to full-stack developer

Responsible for front-end development and SEO strategy

Maintained 10 international localised websites, each in their own language. This proved to be quite challenging due to the differences in each market. The solutions weren't as simple as translating the words and currency for each country.

Bought out by the EasyGroup (EasyJet etc.) and ultimately closed.

1989-12-01 to 1990-12-01

Software Q.A. Tester at McKesson Healthcare - Pittsburgh PA.

Responsible for writing/executing end-user and software test plans on medication dispensing systems

Head of small team of software/hardware testers for medical robotics solutions

Our main goal was introduce chaos to the systems to tease out the edge-cases which the developers might not have thought of. Many lateral-thinking brainstorm sessions were used to harden the test suite.

2009-01-01 to 2012-01-01

Contractor (design, server admin) at AllergyCosmos

Web design and server administration. E-commerce website using Magento(PHP/MySql)

Built & maintanted secure, performant servers (Ubuntu) to host the website. This was before everything was in the cloud.

2010-12-01 to 2013-12-01

Contractor (technical SEO consultant) at Guidepal

Seo consultant

Drafted URL structure and outlined SEO plan which saw a 300% increase in traffic immediately after the change.

Helped developers with the changes and redirects, and managed the transition which saw no loss in SEO rankings for the businesses top keywords.

2010-12-01 to 2013-12-01

Contractor (design, server admin) at Arteposter

Coding, database, SEO. Arteposter is an Italian e-commerce website written in PHP (CodeIgniter) with a MySQL database and SOLR search engine.


1995-09-01 to 2000-05-01

University of California, Pennsylvania

Bachelors Degree: Applied Computer Science

1995-09-01 to 2000-05-01

University of California, Pennsylvania

Associates Degree: A.S. Robotics Systems Technology and Design


London Ruby User Group

Regular attendee at the London Ruby User Group, taking the role of mentor for people seeking help with the Ruby language.

  • English
  • Native speaker
  • French
  • Beginner

Relocated to Europe from U.S. after university (2000), Resident in Paris for 6 years, Travelled to 20+ countries and 30+ U.S. States